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  1. Ryan Curtis Says:

    hey man. listen. i work for at&t and I am here until 6pm EST today (another hour) and i want to know about this iphone deal.
    I have an employee line and I have a free unlimited employee line, but my sim card DOES not work in an iphone. I want to check your EXISTING number (# prior to Iphone) and I will make sure that REactivating did not place ANOTHER two year contract on your exising line. if this works then i could put my companny line in one, and i would be STOKED!!!!!

    if you get back to me after 6.p.m. then i will respond to you tomorrow from your address

  2. Ryan Curtis Says:

    also i probably should not have my name associated with someone who is willing to do this for you , so if you dont mind removing that “reply to author” i would be STOKED . thanks haha

  3. Request your help in contacting concerned person to address a complaint for purchases made from sifymall. Have tried their nos, mail and chat (at the site)… no avail..

    sorry for the trouble.

    ….hope you are the right person:)

  4. Ali Says:


    I am recently working on a book (almost ready) on one of your products which I use and admire the most.
    I’d like to know if you are interested in getting more info about it.



  5. Rohan Rajiv Says:

    Dear Raju,

    I am Rohan, a student from Chennai at the National University of Singapore who is trying his hand at entrepreneurship(by working with a website to help students find work they love – http://www.nineo.com, a social entrepeneurship initiative – http://www.realacad.org and running my own little talk show – http://www.expressionhappens.com)

    I was VERY happy to note when Techcrunch mentioned that Zoho was incubated in Chennai and I was curious because at our company, we have begun experimenting with Zoho and hope to use Zoho notebooks extensively for future RealAcad camps(which are held in Harvard, Stanford and Singapore teaching entrepreneurship to young entrepreneurs across the world).

    Again, It is great to see Zoho making this progress. And if I can be of help in any way from here in Singapore, do let me know. I realize it is a very long shot but again, very very happy and proud!

    em: rohan@expressionhappens.com
    ph: +65 9026 5253

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