Are Social Networks Any Good?

May 13, 2008

I am not sure about you, but I am really tired of all the social networking news out there. I guess I am sick of the hype surrounding it and I no longer follow it.

I have a Facebook account (along with ton of others), connected to my friends, added Apps, joined groups, added photos, added videos….but, then what? What do I do next? Poke Friends?

After doing all these stuff, I noticed I don’t do much with that. I know I am not alone here. I really don’t see much value on these social networks to login regularly after connecting with people. If connecting with people is what these apps do, then I don’t think I need them as I am already connected with the people I care with in other ways (IM, Email, Phone etc). Unless social networking is built around the apps I use regularly, I think it is not going to go far.

I couldn’t care less on all the Social Networking related news lately. This ends my rant of the week, I guess 🙂


3 Responses to “Are Social Networks Any Good?”

  1. CloudAve Says:

    new trackback…

    Or Hariv agreed to moderate the cloud computing[…]…

  2. William Says:

    I think the ultimate success of the social network rests on the value proposition to it’s customer. Can they justify the opportunity cost?

    Facebook realizes that poking and voyeuristic watching of one’s friends is limited to young people with an abundance of time. Consider, however, what appeals to a busy executive.. Linkedin has succeeded by helping maintain your professional network – thereby assisting in job transitions and the like.

    We’ve thought a lot about this because we’re building a social network for golfers. Our angle is to leverage golf’s natural competitiveness and statistical nature through the new mobile platforms. Have the golfer transparently track their hits as their walking to the next hole, store them, and let them compare their play to their friends or even Tiger – and you have something to keep players coming back – sort of like the fantasy sports phenomenon. Lucky for us – the golfing demographic is an advertisers dream.

  3. Rick McElroy Says:

    I found this blog through Social Networking.
    My website is now in front of you.

    As a new reseller for Zoho, it has provided a communication channel with you which wasn’t available prior.

    Being relatively new to social marketing myself, I too am curious of the ROI and new business opportunities it may provide.

    I wonder if it is simply the economy which has affected the actual revenue generating aspects of Social Marketing.

    When the economy picks up, I wonder if people will turn to this venue first and then to a business website?

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