Television 2.0

January 21, 2008

Over the last few years we have seen several changes in televisions with screen sizes increasing, thickness decreasing etc. I think these changes are just the beginning stages of a bigger change to the television. Over the next few years I expect some important changes to the TV like…

  • Integrated Wireless Connectivity (this is going to be an important starting point)
  • Integrated of Audio/Video/Pictures (Music, Family Entertainment, Photos etc)
  • Integrated of Entertainment Units (DVD/Blu-Ray Player, DVR etc)
  • Transmission over the web (like SlingMedia)
  • Podcasts Integration (This is going to be key integration)
  • Convergence of Gaming Systems (If everything is based on software, all PC games can work on these televisions)
  • Convergence of Rental Systems (Directly renting from online systems and through cable systems)
  • Integrated Browser
  • Built-in Cam (think family conferencing)

I expect these systems to integrate with other systems…

  • Integration with your telephone system so that the Caller ID is displayed on your television etc
  • Integration with your PCs/Laptops etc

For all of this to happen, there needs to be a good platform that’ll make it easier for TV manufacturers. We need a good operating system for televisions (more on this later). That OS for TV can even be Android.

We’ll see how this key living room hardware will evolve over the next few years as the computers and televisions collide. What do you think? Any thoughts on how the television will evolve?


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