Apple Going Rotten?

November 17, 2007

Lately, my experience with Apple is not very convincing. A series of incidents keep bringing down my expectations on quality from Apple. I agree with Scoble on the brand promise, which simply is not there lately. I don’t see the same customer friendly staff in Apple’s store as I used to see an year ago. I don’t see the same quality in products lately….

I thought I’d never see a blue screen on a Mac….and I didn’t, except that it comes in black. I was working on some important stuff and when I launch a program, it came up with this black screen of death on my MacBook Pro.


Sorry for the poor photo quality….but then, my iPhone cannot take better photos in low light. BTW, iPhone also has a Black Screen of Death.

There are more issues on software. I upgraded to iLife 08 and it completely made my iDVD unworkable. If I need to fix it, I have to take it to the Apple Store (I like Dell better in this case as they service it at your home/office).

Its not just the software issues I had. I had some hardware issue too….right from the day one. First, the CD Drive sounds scary. If you have your laptop on your lap and try inserting a CD, you’ll almost notice a hit on your lap. Another common annoyance is a whining sound you hear at times near the power.

If you bought an iPod Touch, you’ll notice that the accessories it comes with are very minimal. You don’t even get a dock for your touch after spending $400.

These are just some of the annoyances and my rant can go on and on….one thing for sure. I am not such a happy customer I though I’d be with Apple. I am starting to see this Apple going rotten….and of course, I sold my AAPL stock.


One Response to “Apple Going Rotten?”

  1. Zoli Erdos Says:

    Just be careful with too much lap-computing 🙂

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