Web Apps: Another helping hand for Apple?

September 10, 2007

Lately, Apple is on a roll. iPod brought Apple back as an ‘active’ player and now they found their rhythm. When you are in rhythm, everything will automatically fall into place.

I think there is one unexpected factor playing a big role in apple’s latest success – The move of applications to the web. As more and more applications move to the web, the OS becomes irrelevant as all we need is a browser. When all you need is a browser, then why not go with a ‘pretty’ OS? MS also seem to be doing its part by screwing up its latest supposedly ‘pretty’ OS.

I recently gave up Windows and moved over to Apple just because the underlying OS simply didn’t matter as all the apps I use are online. I thought I’d miss Maxthon, but they made it easier for me by screwing up their latest version.

All these trends seem to be working well for Apple. I have no complains currently….except, I’d like Apple to be more open (frankly, I don’t think they will).


2 Responses to “Web Apps: Another helping hand for Apple?”

  1. […] he is right, my next PC will be an Apple.  And since I’m already doing most of my work on the Web, the transition won’t be a big […]

  2. […] better for me to install a duplicate.  Of course moving to Web applications made this decision a lot easier: after all what the desktop search capabilities are is becoming more and more […]

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