AdBlockPlus: I hope Firefox includes it by default

September 3, 2007

AdBlockPlus is one of my favorite Firefox add-on. In fact, it is the only add-on that is present on all my FF installations. Today NY Times talks about this plugin and its impact on the Ad driven market. I recommend reading it for more details on that topic.

I am not a big fan of ad based business models. They simply wont survive long-term. People do get immune to ads as they spend more and more time on the net. Today if I visit any site with lots of ads, I unknowingly ignore the portions with ads and concentrate directly on the actual content. This kind of immunity to ads develops as users spend more and more time on the net. The $$$$ companies like Google make on online Ads will eventually go down….but then, plugins like AdBlockPlus can help the user a lot by removing the annoying ads altogether.

Many users don’t know such plug-ins exist in the first place. It’ll greatly help if browsers include such plugins by default. I dont see IE doing it anyway, but if Firefox can bundle such plug-ins by default, it’ll greatly improve its value and usefulness against its competitors. If I were to vote between Offline support in FF 3 and AdBlockPlus bundled by default in FF, I’d vote for the later.

Now, I am off to figuring out how to turn off the annoying pop-ups on NYTimes site when I double click on some text using ABP.

I may be a fool (along with 2.5 Million others) as per Mark Evans, but then, I don’t work for Google or any other company with Ad-based business model and I don’t mind paying for services with good value.


One Response to “AdBlockPlus: I hope Firefox includes it by default”

  1. Jayavasanthan J Says:

    Do you use customize google extension. This extension removes all googleads and gives your just results,


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