Facebook + Spock can be a KILLER Integration

July 12, 2007

Robert Scoble responds with a great post to some of the discussions going on regarding Facebook. Reading through his post, one part caught my eye. Facebook is not good at, as Scoble explains, is capturing the information regarding a person and a relation. To quote him…

Second, how could the friends definitions and ties be improved? 1000 ways. I’ll be honest, I don’t use the at all. I just add you as a friend and don’t put any details in there about how I know you. For one, adding that kind of detail is a competitive advantage for me and for PodTech.
For instance, my first result is for Danny Krimgold. I’ve never written about Danny. You don’t know who he is. But he was one of the first people I talked with on Netmeeting back in 1996. He was in high school then and I could tell he was damn smart. I kept in touch with him as he went to Cornell, got a masters in computer science, and now is working at McCann Erickson as a project manager. There isn’t a good way to tell Facebook how I know Danny. In fact, I found that there isn’t a good way to tell Facebook how I know people for about 70% of the people I know through the Internet. So, I just leave them all blank. I guess the best choice in NetMeeting is the “met randomly” choice, but that sounds so stupid. So, I leave it blank.

In my view, there are two areas where Facebook can be further improved.

  • Easy way to find the right people
  • Good way to capture relations

This is exactly where Spock shines. Spock finds people and it does it well and keeps on improving as more people are on it. Earlier I was searching for ‘Matt Marshall’ on Facebook and I find 200+ people in Facebook. If I do the same search in Spock, I get more than 500 results. But if I search for ‘Matt Marshall VentureBeat’ in Facebook, I get no results (I know he is on there) while Spock is spot on with the correct result.

As Scoble says, the relation ships are not captured well in Facebook and I completely agree with him. Again, this is where Spock shines. The ‘Related People’ section in Spock is very flexible and can greatly help Facebook.

I can go on with different scenarios. I think Facebook and Spock can be a great couple. Will it happen? Lets wait and see.

Scoble’s Spock video is here.


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