iPhone Experience: 5 Days Later

July 4, 2007

I want to jot down some of my experiences with iPhone in the last 5 days. First of all, I should say, I LOVE it. I cant imagine myself switching to any other phone now. If you are a gadget freak like me, I recommend getting it. But if you are not, I’d say WAIT. It is soooo 1.0 product.

Why do I say it is 1.0 product? Well, it crashes. It crashes so often, it gets frustrating at times. In the last 5 days, I have seen applications crash tens of times. Just today I was using Safari and it crashed….it crashed 8 times in an hour. I see this as the biggest issue. I really hope Apple will fix this issue soon.

I really like the way music fades out when a call comes in and when the call is done, it simple fades back in. This is awesome. But I really wish they use this concept for others too – Like Music-Safari especially if both these apps cannot work together. If I play Music and then open Safari, guess what happens – CRASH – both safari and iPod. I have seen many other scenarios like this which will crash different iPhone apps. I have also seen YouTube and Mail apps crash several times.

Another key issue with the iPhone is, it is VERY hard to operate it with a single hand. You’ll need both the hands to make any decent entries/changes. The interface is designed for two hands. You sure can operate it with one hand, but you’ll drop it one day. Ofcourse, the iPhone can withstand a drop, but not a flat-drop if you are unlucky.

Many people say they use their mobile for their email. My question is, how is it possible especially when these email apps have no filters. Am I missing something here? Currently, I get about 250-300 emails a day. Not all are addressed to me. There is no way to filter and fetch emails addressed directly to me. I hoped that the email in iPhone will have filters. But it doesn’t. So I cant iPhone for my work email. This is sad. But I love the email app, it does work well for my personal email.

Overall, I love my iPhone, but I do hope that the issues will be sorted out soon. The good news is, everything is software in iPhone. A simple update one day could fix most of the issues. Its like SaaS in that sense.


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