Apple TV: I like it, but it could have been better.

April 2, 2007

I recently purchased Apple TV…while I’d have preferred a lower price tag, I am happy with its features. I am not going to write about its features here. Instead, let me mention couple of points. The best feature according to me is, it let me put my home theater to full use. While I have all my songs on my iMac, it certainly doesnt have the best audio system. But with iTv, I can put my home theatre to full use. That according to me is the best feature. Now to something I dont like…

I knew that Apple TV supports 802.11n. So I enabled 802.11n in my iMac (purchased from Apple Store $1.99) and only then I noticed that Apple TV and my iMac doesnt communicate with each other directly and instead they go through my access point which is still 802.11g. I dont understand this…why cant Apple make these two communicate with each other using n? Instead, apple is asking us to purchase their Access Point (they call it as Airport Extreme Base Station).

Did you have any comments on your Apple TV?


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