My Video sharing woes

March 27, 2007

I created couple of videos recently and uploaded them to YouTube only to notice that the video quality is no where close to what I wanted. I then uploaded the same video to Google Video and noticed that it was even worse (is it because of the viewer size?). I then registered @ Revver, uploaded my videos and found that the quality was better than both YouTube and Google Video. So I thought I was done. think I am happy. But wait….a day later, I get an email from Revver team saying…

We regret to inform you that due to a minor glitch in a recent upgrade we performed on the Revver service, the username that you registered with was actually unavailable at the time you registered.

So from then on, I dont have access to my account at Revver. But then, the videos I uploaded do exist on their servers under the same user name which belong to some other person. Anyway, I am not going back to Revver….and then Zoli recommend Vimeo and Grouper. I tried Vimeo first (primarily because I liked its interface) and found that it has much better quality than YouTube, Google Video and Revver. I decided to go with it….so you’ll see my video on Zoho Meeting and Zoho Sheet posted on Vimeo. I wish they provided better stats on videos.


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